The Tourinform Kecskemét Office is located in the city centre of Kecskemét, on the Szabadság square. In the office tourists and interested parties can get information about Kecskemét and its region’s sights, culture programmes, tourism services, accommodation and food and beverage options.


The services of the Tourinform Kecskemét Office:

  • Recommending free brochures and leaflets about Hungary and Kecskemét in Hungarian, German and English languages
  • Providing free maps
  • Offering local cultural programmes and free time activities
  • Organizing sightseeings
  • Selling souvenirs
  • Selling concert and event tickets
  • Renting bikes, electric scooters, nordic walking canes and audioguide tools

The opening hours of the office is available HERE, to see the contact details click HERE.



The data collection area of the Tourinform Kecskemét Office:

  1. Ágasegyháza
  2. Ballószög
  3. Dabas
  4. Dunavecse
  5. Felsőlajos
  6. Fülöpháza
  7. Helvécia
  8. Hernád
  9. Jakabszállás
  10. Kecskemét
  11. Kerekegyháza
  12. Kunadacs
  13. Kunbaracs
  14. Kunpeszér
  15. Kunszentmiklós
  16. Ladánybene
  17. Lajosmizse
  18. Lakitelek
  19. Nyárlőrinc
  20. Orgovány
  21. Örkény
  22. Pusztavacs
  23. Szabadszállás
  24. Szalkszentmárton
  25. Szentkirály
  26. Táborfalva
  27. Tass
  28. Tatárszentgyörgy
  29. Újsolt
  30. Városföld


The Tourinform System:

The Tourinform Kecskemét Office, also known as Tourinform Kecskemét is a member of the National Tourinform System since 16th of August 2004.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency is the exclusive owner of the Tourinform name and logo trademark. The Hungarian Tourism Agency is responsible for the unified image, the business conduct and the coordination of the Tourinform Offices. They determine the operation budget, formulate professional expectations and assign tasks.

Thanks to the Tourinform Offices the Hungarian Tourism Agency can get detailed and accurate information about the tourism, the sights and the numbers, the needs and the preferences of tourists in the specific area.


The maintainer of the Tourinform Kecskemét Office:

The maintainer of the Tourinform Kecskemét Office is the Hírös Sport Nonprofit Ltd. since 4th of May 2015. The Hírös Sport Nonprofit Ltd. is the exclusive non-profit economic company of the Local Government of the City of Kecskemét. Its main activity is the maintenance and operation of the local sport facilities, the organization and coordination of the sport events and activities related to the facilities and the provision of equipment and staff related to these activities.

Besides the Tourinform Kecskemét Office the company operates the following facilities:

  • Kecskemét Bath
  • Kecskemét Adventure Bath and Slide Park
  • Messzi István Sports Hall
  • Benkó Zoltán Leisure Center and the mobile ice rink in the leisure center
  • Kecskemét Athletic Center
  • Széktó Stadium
  • Mercedes-Benz Sports Academy
  • Bóbis Gyula Training Center